7 November 2023
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The Horizon Europe project 2DNeuralVision kicked off last 9th October in Castelldefels, Spain. Funded with 5.5 million euros from the European Commission, this initiative seeks to develop enabling photonic and electronic integrated circuit components to achieve a novel computer vision system that could be used under any weather and any light conditions while also keeping low power consumption.

The consortium of 2DNeuralVision is formed by 7 organisations from 4 different European countries, coordinated by the Photonic Sciences Institute (ICFO). FI Group leads the project’s communication, dissemination and exploitation, bringing its experience in other European R&I projects such as HEALING BAT, LEARN or UPSCALE.

In addition, FI has played a crucial role in the writing and submission of the proposal to a Horizon Europe call, which has resulted in the award of the grant by the European Commission.

Despite being a consultancy company, FI Group wants to give real contributions to European Projects, by leading the communication and dissemination of its results, and therefore improving its outreach and impact.

Bruna Fonseca, International Grants Manager at FI Group Portugal

2DNeuralVision, a major step toward optical neuromorphic systems

The project aims to develop the enabling components for a low-power consumption, computer vision system that could be used for adverse weather and low light conditions. These components involve a two-dimensional enhanced wide spectrum image, sensor and optical neural network with enabling two-dimensional passive and active elements.

Moreover, using two-dimensional materials (2DM) will allow for smaller devices with greater functionality, when compared to the silicon technologies of today. Therefore, the project results will enable disruptive improvements in areas such as the automotive, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), service robotic, and mobile device sectors.

A wider impact on European autonomy in strategic digital areas

2DNeuralVision will make significant progress towards the integration of two-dimensional materials technology by developing European competence in semiconductor process technologies, with the development of waferscale black end-of-line processes for graphene and transition-metal dichalcogenide.

Consequently, the project will have a wider impact on Europe’s strategic autonomy by sustaining first-mover advantages in strategic areas, including artificial intelligence (AI), data, robotics, quantum computing, and graphene.

At the same time, it will invest in emerging enabling technologies, reinforcing the European industry leadership across the digital supply chain and generating robust European industrial and technology presence in all key parts of a greener digital supply chain, from low-power components to advanced systems, future networks, new data technologies and platforms.

2DNeuralVision will revamp computer vision with a team that will push the limits on low-power consumption computer vision systems that can be used for any weather, and any light conditions.

Manuel Herrador, International Grants Consultant at FI Group

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