22 September 2022
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The European Commission has approved public support of up to €5.2 billion for the second EU-funded Important Project of Common European Interest (“IPCEI Hy2Use”).

Central axes

The three central axes on which this project is based are:

  • Supporting research and innovation
  • To create a first industrial deployment of the hydrogen sector.
  • Financing the construction of relevant infrastructures in the hydrogen value chain.

Value proposition of “IPCEI Hy2Use”

The project, called “IPCEI Hy2Use“, was developed by thirteen Member States: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.

Member States will provide up to €5.2 billion in public funding for the creation of 35 projects, which will be carried out by 29 companies, including SMEs and start-ups.

The Hy2Use IPCEI is intended to complement the first “HY2Tech” IPCEI, approved by the E.C. on 15 July 2022. The distinction is that Hy2Tech focuses on end-users in the mobility sector, while the new Hy2Use IPCEI will finance hydrogen-related infrastructures.

European Commission assessment

IPCEIs allow Member States to finance projects that carry significant risks. This overcomes market failures, while ensuring that the EU economy benefits from the investments.

The EC has approved this project because it considers it to be in line with EU state aid rules:

It aligns with key EU policy objectives, such as the European Green Deal, the EU Hydrogen Strategy and the REPowerEU Plan.

The 35 IPCEI projects will develop technologies and infrastructure of higher quality and capacity than what the market currently offers.

Public support is necessary in this case to address the significant technological and financial risks of the 35 projects.

If these IPCEI-funded projects generate additional net revenues, the companies will return part of the aid received to their respective Member States through the repayment mechanism.

Project results will be widely shared with the European scientific community and industry. This will create a positive impact across Europe.

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Diego González

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